I created this series of images after visiting a starling murmeration near Blashford Lakes in Hampshire, in January 2020. This was the closest murmuration to my home this year. Witnessing these birds gather in winter skies, thousands of individuals flying in unison, the flock pulsating and contorting in the sky is one of natures most amazing spectacles.

Every winter I keep track of the birds via the starling roost location map, which you can find here . It’s an wonderful resource to help you locate your nearest murmuration, and of course report any sighting you may have. Sometimes the birds revisit the same roost sites, like Ham Wall in Somerset, but they can also appear in new locations. This year the RSPB are not publishing the location of roosts on their nature reserves to minimise the risks associated with covid as many locations can become very busy and there is often inadequate parking for high numbers of visitors. It is worth bearing this in mind if you are planning on visiting a murmuration.