The first part of this gallery is a series of images exploring place, history and folklore, at Delcombe woods on Bulbarrow Hill, Dorset. These woods are a few miles fom my home and a favourite haunt of mine throughout the year. In the spring the woodland floor is a riot of wild garlic and bluebells, but I love these woods best in the winter months when skeleton boughs with the last leaves hanging are frozen with hoare frosts and the mists hang into the middle of the day on the top of the hill. The other images contained here are of trees in the wider landscape, in the Winterborne Valley, Blandford and Shillingstone Forest and stands of birch trees from Wareham Forest and Arne. In 2018 a portfolio of 6 of these Dryad images won a bronze mendal at the RHS Botanical Art and Plant Fair and was exhibited in London.

Dryads 2018