A year in wild flowers

I’ve often thought about doing a daily or weekly photography challenge, I’ve seen other photographers undertake them and the journey looks interesting. However, I am not and have never been good at following rules so instead I’ve set myself the very gentle challenge of building a visual diary of my botanical encounters over the year.

Burnt Orchids, Neotinea ustulata

I’ve set up a gallery on the site where I’ll be adding images of the plants I meet whilst walking in the local woods, heaths and fields, and whilst undertaking field work. The page is already home to a lot of images and I have no idea how many I’ll have by the end of the year.

Most weeks I like to take part in #wildflowerhour on twitter and many of the images I share there will end up here too. But many will be unique to my website. I’l endevour to name them all, and there is every chance I’ll make the odd mistake, but that is of course how we learn.

Flowers from the woods and waterways around the village

Apart from encountering the plants this year, I don’t intend to apply any other rules to this project. There will be duplications as many species will be photographed more than once (I revisit the same nearby locations so often). I’d love to share every plant I meet, but time won’t allow for that, so there will also be species missing from the gallery. I hope anyone who passes by and takes a look will enjoy the page as it evolves.

Jo x

Early Spider Orchid, Ophrys sphegoides

7 thoughts on “A year in wild flowers

  1. That’s a brilliant idea. You can then look back to see how much they have grown the following year


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