2023 Calendar

*Please order by midnight on Thursday 8th December to ensure delivery for Christmas.

My calendar for 2023 is now available from my shop at Love from the Artist. It features 13 images of the Dorset countryside and is printed to order to ensure there is no waste. You can also chose to order a calendar without a cello wrap if you would like to reduce the amount of plastic you use.

Calendars can be purchased in two sizes, a large (297mm), or small (210mm) square size. The large size is made with a 350gsm weight silk cover material and the smaller size with a 250gsm weight silk cover material, both calendars have 170gsm silk paper for the pages. All papers are FSC certified.

Small Calendar £12 plus P&P

Large Calendar £16 plus P&P

If you are a retailer, calendars are available wholesale and there is a minimum order of 5 units. Please visit Love from the Artist.

One thought on “2023 Calendar

  1. Dear Jo,

    I’ve just read your latest posting and just like your work it’s remarkable. There’s an integrity and honesty about what you do and what you say and I never tire of looking at your images and reading your words. They are truly beautiful with a mystery that seems to be never ending. You are a wonderful creative inspiration and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you just being you. Thank you.

    You invite your ‘audience’ to share some of their images with you so a few of mine are attached below. The hot dry summer that we enjoyed this year inspired me to look at the insects that depend on flowers and grasses to sustain their lives and the area where I live has been full of them. I use Canon bodies and lenses and this year I’ve been using a 600mm lens so that I can get close to the moving insects without disturbing them. Reading your post and taking from your inspiration, I shall try a 100mm macro next year and be prepared to fight against the ticks! In truth, a small price to pay in pursuit of something that gives so much pleasure.

    The other shots are taken in the Scottish Highlands, north of Fort William. I try to get there at least once a year and I shall be back there at the beginning of November. Words cannot describe the awesome beauty that awaits photographers in that part of the country and for me it’s irresistible.

    Please keep creating your own beautiful images and sharing them with us, together with your gentle tones of inspirational thinking.

    Regards. Geoff

    PS I shall be placing an order today for your 2023 Calendar. It looks stunning.



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