Water lilies

jo stephen gold photogaphy
Lily pads

November finds us in another lockdown and the weather is wet and dull outside, so to cheer myself up I’ve been losing myself in photo editing. I’d taken a few images of water lilies in the last few weeks and they’ve formed the basis of this series.

Water lilies

I love the shapes of the lily leaves, the way the light falls on the waters surface and the reflections in the images and have added gold to bring out the autumnal colours in the images.

jo stephen photography nature lotus
Water lilies II

Its been fun playing with rich colours and darker imagery as so much of my work is light and ethereal. Every autumn and winter I am drawn to using gold and silver in my photography and given the challenges this year has brought with it, I’ve really enjoyed losing myself in the rich jewel like colours and golds, which have helped to lift my spirits.

Water lilies III

As the rain falls outside the window on a grey November day, I think that perhaps I’ll be spending a little more time this weekend editing images and creating imagined landscapes to escape into.

Water lilies IV

Thank you for visiting & reading. These images (and a few more in this series) will soon be available to purchase as a pack of sustianbly produced greetings cards.

Stay safe, Jo x

14 thoughts on “Water lilies

  1. These are so rich I think I need to go on a diet.
    Wonderfully inspiring. Thank you for sharing


  2. Jo, your waterlilies are heartwarming , the colors are delicious, I am delighted. Your work is extraordinary and your page is very attractive , wish all the best for you and your creative work.

    Liked by 1 person

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