Greater stitchwort

To celebrate having the image below shortlisted in the Plants and Fungi category of CUPOTY 02, I’ve put together this little collection of images of Greater stitchwort, Stellaria holostea, one of my favourite spring flowers.

All of these images were taken on walks around the village. The flowers are common in the verges, woodland rides and along footpaths and appear in the early spring with the bluebells, wild garlic and wood anemones.

The flowers above are from a foot path in Field grove woods, an FC woodland theat overlooks the village. I walked here most days of the Lockdown this spring.

The image above was also taken a woodland ride in Field grove woods. The flowers were in bloom along the lanes the public footpath I took to reach the woods too.

These two images were taken from the woodland floor. Shot into the sun and through foliage to increase bokeh and softness. An aperture of f/2.8 gave a shallow depth of field.

Greater stitchwort has to be one of my favourite wild flowers to photograph. And a wood filled with it, bluebells and wood anemones one of my favourite haunts in the early Spring.

Do have a look at the competition website here to view some amazing close up photography.

10 thoughts on “Greater stitchwort

  1. Fabulous images Jo, I’m so envious of your ability. I can’t wait until you resume your 1 to 1 training days.


  2. Beautiful photographs Jo! The Stitchwort is one of my spring favourites too, a beautiful little flower. I love your style. If imitation is the best form of flattery I tried to create something of the effect with some Willowherb seeded heads on Monday, shooting against the light, and was quite pleased with the result. This months on line camera club of which I’m a member has imitation as a project in September. I’ll study more of your images and see what I can do!!

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    1. Thank you so much John. I’m very flattered that you would chose my work, that’s a wonderful compliment.


    1. Thanks, that’s so kind. I love it when it’s growing with bluebells, it’s like little white stars in a sea of hyacinth blue. I’m already looking forward to next Spring!

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  3. You truly are inspiring Jo. Love your photos. Waiting for you to do online courses, sadly the way things are going the one to ones seem far away. Too many to name and like, so will just say love love love them all. 😬


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