Fields of flax


This year several fields of flax have been planted in the valley where I live. Not only are the delicate blue flowers a joy to behold and to photograph and the blue fields stunning in the changing late spring light, but flax is a resilient and versatile crop that can grow in poor soils and uses much less water than crops such as cotton.

All parts of the flax plant are used, minimizing waste, the seeds are used to produce linseed oil, and the fibers to produce linen cloth. The crop uses much less pesticides than other crops too and can grow in poor soils. And the natural fabric is biodegradable and has been used for thousands of years. _DSC7550web

I’ve photographed this beautiful and earth friendly crop with a 90mm f2.8 macro lens from ground level, using the widest aperture setting and shooting into through the flowers and vegetation to achieve a soft look to the images. The images were taken on an overcast afternoon, I hope to pop back in the sun and photograph the flax once more before it sets seed. _DSC7538web

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